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Drabble: AoiAki

Fandom | Pairing: Crossroads | AoiAki
Rating: K+
Notes: Aoi belongs to BlackRain105

The sky was velvet black, with silver glittering across its great expanse. Despite being located in the city, the park where the stars shine upon was quiet, except for the humming of the fireflies and the voices of the only couple present in the said place reverberating in the warm, summer atmosphere.

"This is one of the specialties near our school!" Akira proudly raised her ice cream cone, a huge grin plastered on her face. Although almost three years have passed after their high school graduation, she hasn't changed much except for her more matured features. Her enthusiasm, still, revved within her.

With an arm splayed on the backrest of the bench, Aoi reflected the grin on his girlfriend's face and piped up, "Just so you wait when I get you back near our campus! They have this new stall with yummy crepes matched with a triple-flavored ice cream!"

"Oh really?" she brought the cone down and hovered the ice cream before her lips. "As long as it's for free, then I guess it will be veeeerrryyyy delicious..." Akira stuck her tongue out and began licking her ice cream, appreciatively at that. Well, there surely were a lot of things to thank for. In a few years' time, both of them would be graduating, and the consolation did not only made its presence on their academics, but on their relationship as well. Even though both of them were studying in Tokyo, there was still a significant distance separating the two of them. That's why, whenever any of them could, they would take turns to visit each other—and now, although it's actually already her turn to visit TMDU, he paid another visit - a surprised one - that she wasn't really sure how to pull herself together as soon as she saw him by the university gates. "Mm, this is veriilyyy yummy!" And she giggled, then went back to her eating business.

When she did, though, she noticed that Aoi was already done with his, and as if adding wound to the injury (yes, she was that competitive), he was dusting his hands. That was why, Akira gobbled on her ice cream until the cream has receded to the bottom of the cone.

"I'll catch up soon, Aoi!" she exclaimed with fire in her eyes.

And he chuckled. "A-Akira, your face! You're all smudged over."

As if on cue, her cheeks immediately turned red. "A-ah, that's rude, Aoi!" With her other hand, she began groping for her handkerchief, but before the tips of her fingers could touch the said fabric, something warm enclosed itself around her wrist. "Where's my handker—Aoi, is something wrong?"

There was a moment of silence, as if the sky or the park or the fireflies were deliberating, until Aoi broke through it and said, "You've got ice cream all over you."

She meant to raise a brow, laugh at him and say, 'Yeah, that's why I'm searching for my handkerchief' but before she could even do all of those, he has already sealed his lips with hers, the arm on the edge of the backrest now encircling her waist.

Akira's heart pumped so mad that she wondered if it would try to break through her chest. Despite the number of times that he would catch her off guard, or the moments when they would agree to do this and that, he never failed to make her remember the same feeling of falling hard for the first time, with someone catching her on his arms.

With that, she closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss back, a smile etching beneath her lips. It was tender and full of loving, that it made Akira realize what a wonderful thing love was. It was never cheesy nor too girly for her - the mention of love or love per se - as she knew it, was something everyone could feel.

Aoi broke the kiss for a while and pressed his lips back on hers, the thumb of his right hand rubbing the cream on her left cheek before tucking strands of hair behind her ear. With both hands, he now cupped both of her cheeks and withdrew, not more than an inch from hers.

"A-Aoi, I..." she placed her forehead on his, the orbs in her eyes trembling slightly as she tried to utter the words she has told him for countless of times, but never seemed to master. "...I do really love you."

Aoi shut his eyes tightly, a hand clawing on his chest. "A-aaah, you really have to say those in the right time."

With that, he returned his hand to its previous position, and he and Akira shared another kiss under the silvery sky.
Tags: drabble: aoiaki, fandom: crossroads
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