drifting_anima (drifting_anima) wrote,

Drabble: ValEyn

Fandom | Pairing: Warm Snow AU: Bacciami | ValEyn
Rating: K+
Notes: Align with the previous drabble's events. Val belongs to mizumi888

SHE enters the room with a scowl - a default expression, some might say - and slams the stack of paper on the table with a thud.
HE raises his head, eyes still groggy from sleep, and offers her a small smile, then greets.

SHE blinks several times and returns the afternoon greeting with a stiff nod. She explains that she only came to drop the documents and files in the said room, and she apologizes for disturbing the lone room occupant from his sleep. Afterwards, she excuses herself.

HE tells her that he doesn't mind, and watches her retreating form before getting back to sleep.

That was how their first interactions always went.

Neither of them knew that they would be paying more attention to each other more than what they previously shared.

Yes, in the following years.
Tags: drabble, fandom: warm snow bacciami, pairing: valyn
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