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Drabble: ValEyn

Fandom | Pairing: Warm Snow AU: Bacciami | ValEyn
Rating: K+
Notes: I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT I'M DOING aha ahaha ahaha ;o; Val belongs to mizumi888

Eyn knew something wasn't right.

Usually, she would see the top of his red hair peeping from the stacks of restaurant-related documents whenever she would enter. What would follow would be the scraping of the chair against the hardwood, a brilliant smile despite the looming stress behind him, and a simple, "Hey." However, tonight was different, as he made no move, not even a shift on his position, to acknowledge her presence.

That was why, she went to the kitchen and prepared hot chocolate for him.

When she returned to the room, she wondered why she wasn't able to elicit a reaction. Taking this as a cue, she went towards his desk, carefully placed the mug on the remaining space, and looked at his image.

Val was sleeping, with his head on top of his crossed arms.

She sighed, and looked at the band on his finger. He was getting too worked up again, she thought, and she wondered if this idea of being together was meant to be this tiring. If they're only starting and the outcome was like this, then, was it a good idea at all?

Reaching for a nearby blanket (it was never gone ever since he began taking the 'workspace' in their apartment), she draped it on his broad shoulders. She was about to retract her hands when he slightly shifted, and said, "Hey..."

With another heave, she placed her hands on his shoulders and pressed on it slightly, her deep-blue eyes observing the band on her own finger. "Hey..."

"Mmm..." he groaned, then looked at the mug of hot choco. "This... must be made out of perseverance and effort." And he chuckled lightly.

Eyn could not stop the small pout forming on her lips. "You're a boastful man, Valerio Rosso."

"Hey, that was a compliment," he said and turned to her, a grin plastered on his lips. The shadows under his eyes were very visible. "If this is how we'll be for years, then I won't mind  at all."

The pout was replaced by an anxious frown. Should she tell him to stop? Should her anxiety take its role and tell him that he shouldn't push himself, that if he's getting as weary as this, it wouldn't be an ending that would lead to a happy start, a beginning of being together? What should she tell at times like this?

"Val..." she closed her eyes, her shoulders slumped. No, she shouldn't. She felt the fabric of his shirt against her fingertips. She could feel his warmth from her fingers, his voice lingering in his ears, visualize him—them, together, for years.

And with that, she knew what she wanted, and what she had to say.

Eyn peered at him, her cheeks tinted pink, a soft smile painting her pink lips. "For that, you'll have to put up with perseverance and effort for years, then."

She bent down and he reached up, and shared a short kiss that both knew would remain in the memories of their hearts for a lifetime.
Tags: drabble, fandom: warm snow bacciami, pairing: valyn
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