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Altitude: NaokiAkira

Fandom | Pairing: Crossroads | NaokiAkira
Rating: K+
Notes: Naoki Takahashi is trice_bea10's character. Not sure if this is AU or haha another route in Akira's life =))))) /bricked


"Wow! Look at that, Naoki! It's biiig!"

With a mock-salute, Akira stared at the roller coaster from a distance, her glittering eyes glued at the speeding 'train'. She was too absorbed in watching the ride that she didn't hear the ice cream vendor say, 'Miss, here's your Vanilla'.

"I'll take it," Naoki sighed; he fumbled for his wallet and paid the vendor and took their cones. Really, if Akira's this absorbed there's no way to drag her back to her senses. She even told me to choose for her. He thought.

Reaching the vanilla ice cream to the Student Council President, Naoki called out, "Akira, here's your ice cream—"

"—tss.." she hissed just in time when she turned, the creamy top of the vanilla ice cream smudging on her hair and a portion of her cheek. "Aaaah, I'm sorry, Naoki!"

Naoki raised a brow and suppressed a chuckle. "Very careless. Can you hold this for me?" And he pocketed his other hand.

She was in the process of taking her handkerchief ("Oh wait, I don't even use that!") when she decided to give up. She took the cone in one hand, her freehand now reaching for her cheek—but then, Naoki held her wrist to stop her.

"It will only smudge more if you use your hand, Akira." He heaved again, then released her wrist. He fumbled again in his pocket and took his handkerchief, and without further ado, dabbed it on her ice-creamed cheek.

Akira caught herself staring at Naoki, then tore her gaze to drag them back to the roller coaster, wondering why it felt like the spins, altitude, and the immediate and breathtaking descents were in her stomach. She pursed her lips and pushed a smile.

"Aren't you going to eat your ice cream? It will melt, you know?"

She turned to him, her cheeks streaked with light spots of pink, and grinned. "Hehe. Sorry, Naoki."

He gently smiled back at her and said, "No need to apologize, Akira."

Tags: drabble, fandom: crossroads, pairing: naoaki
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