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When Resistance is Futile: 8018

Title: When Resistance is Futile
Summary: Yamamoto was still in kindergarten when he found out that hedgehogs aren't really scary. Just... spiky. (implied 8018, AU)
Rating: K+
Notes: Written for iu_fanfiction #26 | Are you smart enough to keep your distance? | Inspired by neko11lover's Once Upon a Time

“Don't be careless, okay? And don't touch the hedgehogs—there are different hedgehogs here!—or else you might get spiked! Just resist their cuteness, okay?”

“Haiii, sensei!”

But it was already too late when the kindergarten teacher announced those words.

Unbeknownst to the teacher, Yamamoto Takeshi was already sitting down, staring at a small, rolled hedgehog which happened to be sleeping outside a nest labeled 'Namimori Hedgehogs'.

His eyes widened when the hedgehog opened its eyes and stared at him like a drunkard.

“Ooh, sugee!” he smiled in amazement.

The hedgehog continued to stare at him—though this time, with more intensity.

Yamamoto grinned and reached out for the hedgehog's head.

But it hissed. Yamamoto withdrew his hand in a second in fear that the hedgehog might attack him.

“Maa, maa,” He smiled again. “I won't hurt you, okay?”

And he reached out for its head again.

At first, the tiny creature cringed, but when Yamamoto's hand finally surfaced against his fur, he just stayed there, enjoying the way on how Yamamoto stroke his brown fur.

“Ha-ha!” he chuckled, “You don't seem to be that harmful, though.”

There, he tried to carry the hedgehog.

But it hissed at him again, a few of his spines spiked against Yamamoto's hand.

“I-itai--” he cringed and slightly withdrew his hand, yet insisted and grinned, “Maybe you want to get back to your 'cage'?”

The hedgehog stared at him again, then slowly crawled towards his spiked hand.

He grinned, and said, “You really want to, ne?”

And Yamamoto carried the un-protesting hedgehog, and carefully placed him back into his respective haven.


Tags: challenge entry, fandom: reborn, fic, pairing: 8018
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