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Continuation: JadynMarid

Title: Continuation

Fandom | Characters: AU!Project: Eden | MaridxJadyn

Rating: T

Notes: Written for iu_fanfiction's WC #47: Going Under | Prompt: Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. | Jadyn belongs to Telle :)

It was a night they shared together.

The scuffle was done, with ruffled sheets of blankets hanging lopsidedly from the edge of the bed, feathers of pillows  littering the carpeted floor. The moist ambiance settled in the air, with the only sounds to be heard were the sounds of their uneven breathing.

"Maybe you should try a little bit harder," she taunted him with a playful smile. her purple eyes glinting with the faint rays of moonlight that penetrated the room. She shifted on her prone position on the bed in attempt to find her comfort spot.
He ran a finger on her exposed flesh, from her nape down to the small of her back. "Not with you squirming."

She rolled her eyes, her lips curling into a sly smile, "Uh-huh..."

"And I can be a gentleman sometimes."

"Mm-hmm," she nodded and she bit her lip; she shifted once more, her face dangerously inching closely to his, and she batted her eyelashes. "How about the other of the sometimes?"

As if mirroring her actions, he moved closer to her, his hand now slowly tracing lower than where it had been. "That, I leave it to your interpretation," he said, his cool breath kissing the space between her eyes.
That's when the scuffle restarted, with the blanket falling off the floor as it currently wasn't of any use to their bidding.

Tags: drabble, fandom: project eden
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