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The Collaboration: IU OCs

Title: The Collaboration

Summary: The team gets into a small yet heated argument about dresses, guns, and legs.

Fandom | Characters: AU!IU-OCs, Mafia-esque | Eyn Verleron, Kojiro Stanfield, Rosette Keenan, Rasef Kios, Milkshake, Ishtar Nannar

Rating: T

Notes: Part 2 of “The Sacrificial Lamb” | Written for iu_fanfiction's WC #44: Kink Bingo | Prompt: Car

Don't worry, we're backing you up. If there's anything that you need us to do, simply rub the gem on your ring with your thumb and communicate with us through that—hey, are you listening to what I'm saying?” Rosette raised an eyebrow as she inched her face closer to Eyn, who seems to be spacing out.

A-ah, yes I am, Miss Rosette,” she quickly exclaimed while pulling out a sheepish smile. Knowing Rosette, Eyn would receive nothing but pure scolding if ever she didn't at least attempt to understand what the former was saying. The success of the mission depends on her, as she's the sacrificial lamb for the night; the one who will transpire the operation that Milkshake gave to them.

The one who will be doing that approach while wearing the halter-neck, right-slitted, velvet-blue dress.

Rosette pulled out a briefcase from the bottom of the driver's seat and placed it on her lap. With a clinking sound, she lifted the other side of the case, revealing a silver revolver with a brown leather handle. “It has been examined more than thrice, so there should be no defects to this gun. Do not hurt anyone unless necessary. We only need to get the keys of the vault from the diplomat, and as soon as it's done, it's Rasef's turn to assist you. Now, pull out your left leg.”

Eyn let out a half-suppressed whine. Tilting her legs to the side, she reached for the slit of her dress by her right leg, exposing both of her thighs in front of Rosette. She tore her gaze from the other lady as she connected the strap of the holster at Eyn's left leg and secured the gun in it.

Haha, whoa!” A booming voice came from the receptors. “Eyn, you've got some nice legs! Why don't you wear shorts often inside the headquarters? You know, those very shooort ones? I'm sure Milkshake will be envious—“

Shut up, Kios,” Eyn said through gritted teeth. As soon as she covered both her legs with the fabric, she pointed the gun to the camera inside Rosette's car. “Do you want to be the lamb instead and know what a short life means?”

Rasef let out a sigh and chuckled. “You know, that was a compliment! I mean, dude, you've got better legs than Milkshake!”

With a slam from the suitcase, Rosette extended an arm towards Eyn, touched the length of the gun, and lowered it. Scooting closer to Eyn's seat, she gradually fixated her scarlet eyes to the camera and glared, the weight of it seeming to materialize on how she held the gun. Eyn gulped, and from the receptor, they could hear Rasef's chuckles dying. “I would be more than grateful if my car wouldn't be involved in your pesky, childish argument. Kios, if you want to assist Eyn, I would suggest you to decrease the amplitude of your voice, or else the enemies would hear the plan first before they are tricked by Verleron's supposedly 'seducing tactics'.” Noticing how Eyn instinctively stiffened by the mention of the approach to be used, Rosette added, “Also, Verleron, if you will continue being easily caught off-guard by commentaries about bodily... matters, the plan will be easily figured out. Remember that you will be in an adult casino, not a children's park.”

Through the wireless, Rasef expressed his agreement with his occasional “ahs” and “hns”. “And, Eyn! It's not as if you're going to, yanno?” And in a short pause, he whispered, “Do it with them?”

Allow me to punish Kios by myself, Verleron. I'm afraid his stupidity might be contagious.” Rosette took off her hand from the gun. “However, as much as how impatient I am at the moment, I couldn't as we have a mission to execute.” Her words were heavy, as well as the atmosphere inside the car.

Pfft,” Another voice joined in the network of tensed receptors. “Kios was saying you wouldn't need to get laid or have the target laid, Eyn.”

Kh, Kojiro!” Eyn hissed. “Shut up, you Talking Tower! This is all your fault!”

Anyway, how long are you going to stay inside Rosette's car? You know, you will burn if you keep it up inside. That Rosette girl is on fire.” Kojiro's smirk could be heard from the headset. However, his voice became serious as he said his next set of words: “I'm already inside the building, by the way.”

Rosette gingerly pried Eyn's fingers away from the revolver, then placed the gun in the holster. There was a muffled clunk and the car's locks were opened.

Stanfield's making a good diversion with his mute-woman disguise. Loads of VIPs are quickly flocking around him,” Rasef said monotonously.

Eyn heaved heavily, closed her eyes, and had a mental review of the mission: Disguise as a millionaire's daughter. Seduc–approach the diplomat, and get the key while Kojiro pretends to be a mute, beautiful lady.

And Eyn pulled the handle of the door. “I'm going.”

Before she could fully open the door, Rosette reached for her wrist and said, “If anything wrong happens, don't forget to contact us. Ishtar's car is stationed at the back of the casino house, just in case any of us gets wounded.”

Eyn offered a smile and mouthed 'Thanks'. Good-luck messages are not needed at the moment. As of now, she'd have to trust the team's skills in transpiring the mission.

Tags: fandom: bloody yuletide, fandom: breakout!, fandom: halloween academy, fandom: sdf, fandom: skybound, fandom: warm snow, fic
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