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The Sacrificial Lamb: IU OCs

Title: The Sacrificial Lamb

Summary: Eyn finds herself in quite a difficulty in the hands of Kojiro. Or probably, it's the other way around.

Fandom | Characters: AU!IU-OCs, Mafia-esque | Eyn Verleron and Kojiro Stanfield, with mentions of Rosette Keenan, Rasef Kios, Milkshake, Ishtar Nannar (Slightly KojiEyn)

Rating: T

Notes: Part 1 of “The Collaboration” | Written for iu_fanfiction's WC #44: Kink Bingo | Prompt: Costume | I AM VERY SORRY, EYN. NO STRINGS ATTACHED, THO

Upon opening the wooden door, the smell of mixed cigarette and mint perfume greeted Eyn’s nostrils. Hastily, she tugged the towel hanging on her shoulders then pressed it against her nose. She scanned the room, and noticing that the double-decked beds aren’t occupied, she thumped her way to the mini-terrace where she found Kojiro smoking, one leg on top of the other, which is extended and propped on the veranda’s railings.

She took a side-step in order to avoid the dancing smoke.

I wonder when you will stop being an inconsiderate person,” she said, her voice muffled because of the towel. She stared at him intensely, and continued, “Besides, you’re supposed to be downstairs, doing Milkshake’s orders.”

Yeah?” Kojiro smirked, clots of smoke escaping from his lips. Eyn gritted her teeth. “Like, choosing the best disguise for you tonight?” And he chuckled.

Eyn ducked down, attempting to not inhale the little piece of pollution. It's a good thing that she’s not the kind who will easily lose her patience to a guy like him. “You know, you can stop acting like Cinna as if you’re a member of the Hunger Games trilogy. Try training: it looks better on you.”

Kojiro tilted his head with the snicker still plastered on his face, his eyes boring down on Eyn. “You really think I’d do something as dirty as that?” he asked, his voice husky from the cigarette. To think that a person–a girl like her who acts like a boy is lecturing him about what he should do is as ironic as eating an ice cream inside an igloo.

If you're calling our job as dirty, then I suppose this place is not for you,” Eyn said, an eyebrow twitching. Probably, her patience actually isn't that much enduring. “Talking Tower.”

Kojiro let out a loud “Hah!” and exclaimed, “Don't worry! Tonight's your night...” Putting his leg down, Kojiro stood up and faced Eyn with a mischievous grin playing on his lips. He bent down, his hands at the sides of his waists. His lips only a few inches apart from her left ear, and said, “...sacrificial *Lamb.”

Glaring at him through the corners of her deep-blue eyes, Eyn said in a lowered voice, “Why don't you do it yourself, then? Milkshake's Dog?” Without even moving a finger, she snickered. “Don't you enjoy wearing those fancy stuff with frills and anything, then have people take pictures of you and actually have them fawn over you?”

The brunet blinked several times.

Then he roared in laughter, his chin shooting upwards as he did. Taking this as an advantage, Eyn casually walked towards a nearby bed and sat on it. Leaving the room would be a “triumph” for him, so she simply watched as he let it all out.

Kindly remind me that I'm a model, because fuck, Eyn! You're hopeless!” His left hand held unto his abs, the other to the railings of the deck above Eyn.

With a sigh, Eyn held her towel on both ends and stretched her torso upwards, only to tie the fabric around Kojiro's mouth. “Your filthy mouth is annoying me–“


The next second, Eyn found herself being pinned down on the bed, her wrists locked at the sides of her ears by his strong hands. Propping his left knee beside Eyn's right waist, Kojiro neared his face to the right side of the base of her neck and breathed, “This is...”

She could smell the staleness of his breath, and as ironic as it might seem, it both allured and disgusted her. Every slur in his voice lingered in her ears, and it sounded almost hypnotic. No wonder, he really is Milkshake's apprentice, but for someone who's in the team for only four months (and the youngest in terms of employment), his imitation almost seemed so real.

...what you need...” he continued, his lips hovering on her ear that it almost tickled her. “...to—“

In a swift motion, Eyn bent her upper body, causing her stomach to contract. Concentrating her force on her right knee, she landed a solid blow on his stomach, making him release his hold of her. He rolled to Eyn's left side, his hands clenching his abs.

...a-ah, that's a good self-defense there, Eyn...” Kojiro said through gritted teeth. “Your midget-ness sure has its benefits.”

Really, it does.” Eyn said, vexation evident in her voice. “Try to harass me once more and you'll get more of that. You'll end up worse beaten up than Cinna.” And she sat up, her eyes glaring icily towards the brunet. “You've got a large body yet you're weak.”

Kojiro smirked. “What I was saying was, the harassment is what you need to avoid in entering the adult casino in our mission...”

Eyn stood up. As if mirroring the expression on Kojiro's face, she said in a very contemptuous tone, “Ohh, right.”

And she mirrored his actions. Inching closer to his right ear as she grasped his wrists, she said, “Thank you for being considerate, mister.”

Aha!” Kojiro exclaimed, and his voice was, once more, coated with deepness and manliness. “Now, now. The night is yours. I sent your costume in your room. You might as well look at it while I prepare for my own.

Whatever Kojiro meant for his own, Eyn did not care. With another yet more intense glare, she stood up from straddling him and went to her room.

Kojiro watched as Eyn left with an impish grin on his face, trying to imagine what her reaction would be once she sees her dress for tonight's mission.

*Lamb is Eyn's mafia name, while Kojiro's is Dog.

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