drifting_anima (drifting_anima) wrote,

RP: Mission Impossiburu!

Who: Gerald "Gin" Ivan Moore and Catherine "Eyn" Verleron
Fandom:  Warm Snow
Notes: AU; Mafia
Disclaimer: Gin is akemi_chan05s character.

Tags: fandom: warm snow, rp
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Tap. Tap. Tap.

With the length of her left index finger resting on top of her Colt .45 Revolver's barrel, she turns to her partner for the night–and she suppresses a grunt from escaping her lips, leaving it rumbling in her throat.

"We need to move a bit faster," Eyn glances at him for a moment, a dangerous flicker lying in her deep, blue eyes. If only she could spend a second to reprimand him, then she would definitely go and push him. "I hope you knew the difference between a mansion's hallways and its sewers."


She points her gun to where the splashing sound emerged, her thumb ready to touch the hammer. "You think we're found out?"

"You think I don't know that? I don't allow freakingly large rats on my hallway."

FUCK. It would be the very word that would describe what he was feeling right now. Not to mention he hates night missions---


Oh yeah, what a good way to start a mission--to trip yourself wet.
Eyn places a hand on her forehead. This is why she partly hates having Gin as her partner during night missions. His loud mouth is already enough to reveal their mission's secrets.

"At least avoid being stupid, you Filthy Mouth!" Being able to reprimand him every time he makes a mistake, though, is enough to make her more than willing to take missions with him. She smirks at him mockingly; how bad would a boy feel if a female's cooler than him, huh?

"Concentrate on where we're going," she says, her eyes now shifting from the left corner to the right. "We should fulfill this mission or else that long-haired entity might take something really important from us."

Like my chestbinders. Damn. She prevents herself from clicking her tongue.

And footsteps came at the right corner. "Be ready."

Gin was torn with a lot of things right now---to go and hit some sense on the bitch in front of her, curse the rats for distracting him, or.

Or shiver at the mention of that sick fuck, pink-haired bastard.

"I wasn't supposed to be on this. Tell me again why I went with you?"

So he went with the first option.


And the second.

"But yeah," Plus the third. "Let's get this shit going."

Did he ever tell anyone that he's dangerous when he's seriou----


Okay, maybe not.
"You know what?" Eyn finally pushes the hammer of her gun downwards with her thumb, a snicker evident on her lips. She points her gun at the wall where the police are going to pass by, and she pulls the trigger. A sharp clunk reverberates inside the sewers, followed by a splashing sound made by the halting footsteps.

Before exposing half of her body to get a better angle to view the policemen, she continues, the snicker still there, "I think you need a sparring session with Vulture."

And she does.

One, two, three... seven. They only sent seven guards for the ruby that they have stolen? Are they underestimating them?

"Hey," she calls out after sliding back beside him. "You think we can get out? The ruby that we've taken from the Monsignor's room is supposed to be very important, right?" She squints, her fringes now messily cascaded on her forehead. "Vulture said that they'd probably send us around fifteen men to keep up with the security. There are only seven."