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Drabble: ValEyn

Fandom | Pairing: Warm Snow | ValEyn
Rating: K+
Notes: Post!Bacciami, I guess? | Val belongs to Aru. :)

Eyn was sitting at the right side of a three-person couch when Val sat on the left most side.  He reached for the control and turned the AC on; he, then, turned on the television.
She didn't dare to look at him.  Damn him, she inwardly cursed, for hiding all her chestbinders.  He shouldn't have meddled with her preference of clothing.
Silence hung inside the room, and the only thing to be heard was the low volume of the TV.  
For some reason, it made her uncomfortable.  What more with Val not even talking to her; what more with no stress relievers (there were no pillows on the couch; she usually hugs them and buries her face on it whenever she's not in the right mood); what more with the gradual dropping of the temperature.
Eyn frowned.
He shouldn't have meddled with her preference of clothing, really.
For all she knew, it's him who won't be able to bear even a minute of not talking with each other but it's been a night and not a single word from him even reached her ears.
Her shoulders slumped.
She straightened from her seat and unwillingly inched closer to him, then snuggled her forehead on his shoulder.
"It's cold, you motherhen."
And in a few seconds, she felt him give out a relieved sigh with his hand ruffling her hair.  In a few more seconds, he began playing with her fringes with the tips of his fingers.
"I apologize for hiding all your chestbinders."
"It's just that the number of people who think I'm dating a young boy is increasing..."
"...but you said you were bi before."
Another sigh, then a chuckle.
"I just want you to try... new kinds of clothes."
A snort.
"I won't wear that plaid skirt. I never will."
"They told me it fits you, that's why I gave it to you.  Why won't you give it a shot?"
"I'll tell you where your chestbinders are."
Her eyes shot wide. "Really?" And she looked at him.  
He was wearing that same kind smile, only that it seemed to bear something... wicked in it.
"I'll tell you if you go out with me while wearing that skirt."
Eyn heaved and glared at him.  "Valerio Rosso..."
"What, Miss Catherine Verleron?"
She winced after he called her by her full name; she, then, said firmly, "Just this once and you'll give me my chestbinders."
"Yes, yes..."
Eyn went back to her initial position on the couch; she was glaring at the TV.

Tags: drabble, fandom: warm snow, pairing: valyn
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