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Under the Moonlight - ValYn

Title: Under the Moonlight
Fandom | Pairing: neko11lover's Helven (Warm Snow AU) | ValYn
Rating: K+
Written For | Prompt: iu_fanfiction's 36th Challenge | Come lean to my wound; burn on, burn on.
Notes: Val is mizumi888's character, while I own Eyn~

The only ray of light that entered the room was the moonlight. It pierced the jalousie with its bluish light, radiating and further slightly mixing with the color of their hair, the red and the ginger-yellow.

“...” Eyn shifted to her right, her back turned to Val.

There was a ruffling from the bedsheet, where the two of them lie almost lifelessly...

...until when she let out a small grumble in her throat, making Val half-awake. He thought that probably, she was dreaming the same dream again.

He tucked his elbow on the white, crumpled fabric, and peered at her tense shoulder. “Eyn,” he muttered, breaking the peaceful ambiance of the room, thinking what her nightmares probably could be—the demons, her father, and her twin brother.

She did not respond for a while.

He was about to lean back on his side, but he paused when a sob broke through the thick and heavy silence of the room.

“T-Toff...” she was trying hard not to mumble anything, and Val knew it was because of the same reason as always—she did not want him to see her crying in her sleep once more.

Once more.

Val inched closer to her with a face somewhat tinted with anxiety, his elbow tucked on the portion under his pillow with the side of his head propped on his palm, his free hand pulling on her shoulder. In less than five seconds, she's already lying on her back, her teeth biting on her lower lip, her half-opened, tired eyes staring at the ceiling, refusing to meet the gaze of the redhead. Val sighed, pulled her closer to him until her face was already buried on his chest. “Sssh,” he hushed her, with his hand smoothing the back of her head.

She broke into whimpers, sobs and tears. Val could already feel the dampness of his brown shirt, and it almost clung to the skin of his chest.

“I'm...” she sniffed, “...sorry.”

He patted the top of her head, and said, “I'll make you an almond cake tomorrow, so don't cry.”

As if on cue, she stopped from trembling, and at that moment Val knew that she was already starting to feel better.

“...you don't really have to...” she murmured, and the weariness of her voice was obvious.

He hugged her closer, his arm on top of her waist, his fingers touching the locks of her ginger hair. “I want to.” He knew that a mere cake will not suffice and fill in her loneliness, but if it's something that could somehow make her even the slightest bit happy, then he certainly will.

In a few more seconds, she fell asleep.

Val let out a relieved smile before kissing the top of her head, and falling asleep afterward, the light emitted by the moon radiating on their red and ginger hair, the peaceful ambiance mixing with their calm, peaceful breathing.

Tags: fandom: helven, fandom: warm snow, pairing: valyn
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