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Story: Frenemies

Title: Frenemies
Rating: K+
Fandom: None. | Gray x Rhea (because I'm not creative with names. WHAT IS CREATIVITY, IS THAT EDIBLE)
Notes: Own characters. Though I think I might have incorporated them with some sort of GokuHaru XD | Written for iu_fanfiction 's 35th Challenge, Her words destroyed my planet and Miya's Starry, Starry Sky

They sat under the dark veil of the sky that glittered with millions of stars.

“Tsk,” Rhea clicked her tongue as she hugged her knees.

It could have been a very romantic night if they aren't enemies—maybe, if the guy next to her is her crush and not Gray, then she could have been humming on the silent school rooftop while talking about 'normal' conversations with him instead of tsk-ing and kh-ing and groaning. And, well, if the girl next to him is his crush (who's actually her best friend), too, then he could have done the same thing that Rhea thought of doing.

“Why should I be locked here outside with you, you annoying bastard?” She whined and dug her forehead at the space between her knees.

Gray sighed exasperatedly and told her, “It's because you screwed up. The plan is that you should lock me here with her here at the rooftop.”

Rhea raised her chin and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “You're really one hell of a pervert, aren't you?” she let out a short heave and said, “You want me to lock the two of you here so that when she gets scared and goes 'Oh my God help me I don't want to stay here for too long~' (and Rhea put her arms around her, trying to mimic Gray's crush while wiggling), you will act like her Knight in Shining Armor while saying, 'Don't worry, princess. I'm here for you so you shouldn't be scared'. You bastard.” she said with emphasis. “Why did I even agree of setting you up with my best friend?"

“Kh,” he gritted his teeth. “You're such a bitch. Shut up or else I'll leave you here. You're irritating me,”

“Why should I?” she folded her arms against her chest. “Truth hurts when it slaps you on the face, idiot. You're getting irritated because what I'm telling you is true.”

He balled his fists. “Grr, bitch! That's why no one likes you!”

She gasped. What did he just say?! “The reason why she doesn't like you is because she can sense your pervert mind! Maybe that's why she ran away then pushed me here then locked the door before I could even lock you two here!”

“You--! If it wasn't with the deal of 'me setting you up with my bestfriend as you do the same', then I should not have agreed! You runt! You screwed up everything!” He stood up, his face flushed red as it contoured to an angry expression.

She stood up, getting towered by his tall demeanor. But she did not hold back and shouted at him, “Why, you're going to hit a girl? Don't tell me you're a perverted gay?”

“Hah!” He put his hands on his waists then chuckled. “Don't tell me you're thinking of something as cliche as 'I will kiss you to prove my manliness'!?”

“W-What?!” She felt a shiver roll up and down through her spine. “I-In your dreams, idiot!”

“I might not as well dream at all if I'll dream of that, you bitch! You can't even call that as a dream! It's a... nightmare, a nightmare, that is!”

She clenched her fists as she hung her head low. “You...”

He looked at her, still on with the angry face. But when he saw the tears homing in her eyes, his face softened because of guilt.

“You act like you're the greatest man in this world when in truth, you even need someone else to set the one you like with you. You're a coward.” She spouted her words with an edge in her voice, and she motioned away from him. "A coward, that's who you are. Spineless... idiotic coward."

He gulped at her sudden action. What did he just do? Usually she'll just bark back at him and fend him off but now...

“H-Hey,” he grabbed her wrist. She turned to him, her long, black hair swaying on her back; he noticed, too, how her tears sparkled as it flew away from her eyes, just like the stars that glimmered above them.

She pulled her wrist back with a 'tsk', then started walking away again towards the locked door.

“I'm...” he placed a hand on the crook of his neck and sighed in defeat. “Okay, I give up. I'm sorry, Rhea.” At the back of his head, he knew that he shouldn't have argued with her.

She sat against the wall beside the door, her eyes refusing to meet his image. She placed her forearms above her knees and rested her right cheek on it.

“I said I'm sorry,” he said with the mixed tone of both shyness and irritability as he handed his brown handkerchief to her. She looked at him for a while and saw his embarrassed yet abash face, and... she chuckled.

“So bastard knows how to apologize.” She took it and wiped her tears with it.

He unwillingly sat beside her and said, “Of course I know.”

“I didn't know that you can,” she mocked, her eyes back to the sky.


The next morning, a maintenance crew found them sitting side by side against the wall, with the side of Rhea's forehead on top of Gray's left shoulder, and the right side of Gray's head propped on her head. He woke them up and scolded them, saying the words 'kids nowadays choose odd places'. They both apologized and went home. It was a good thing that that day was a non-classes day.

The next time they went to school and saw each other, they never saw each other as enemies anymore, but as individuals who decided to call each other as friends.

Who knows? Maybe the next time they realize it, they won't be able to call each other as neither an 'enemy' nor a 'friend', but as something even more mutual than that.


(Please visit it here: Frenemies @ Authspot
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