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Letting Go: SyaoSaku

Title: Letting Go
Characters: Kinomoto Touya, Li Syaoran
Rating: K
Prompt: How Touya finally (and reluctantly) "gave" his sister away to another man</b>
Written for: iu_fanfiction's Secret Valentine

Touya Kinomoto stood beside Li Syaoran with his hands delved inside his pockets.

“Don't you,” he started then sighed—he just couldn't find the words. He looked at the lad, hesitation evident in his eyes, then shifted his vision to the dark sky. He, instead, took out a handkerchief—a white handkerchief.

This is probably that day. He thought while he stared at the fabric. But why... why now...

Syaoran fixed his eyes to his hopefully to-be-brother-in-law, wondering what he was about to do. His lips were firmly pursed.

Then Touya sharply turned to him.

He pursed his lips tighter as his heart started to thrum faster, but he did not look away from him.

Touya ruffled his own hair with his free hand with his eyebrows meeting each other. “I was saying...” but he couldn't say what he was about to say. Instead, he straightened up, resistance still painted on his face, and then walked past him after putting a heavy hand on Syaoran's shoulder.

All the hope that he was able to muster vanished at the second Touya walked away, until...

“Sakura tends to wake up late. She even eats too much. Her hair's too messy every morning. She's clumsy. And she's my sister.”

Syaoran turned around and saw Touya's back facing him.

“She loved me. Our mother and father. Her friends. And... you.” Touya paused from speaking.

There were seconds of silence.

“Don't you dare give her back once you've taken her from me.” and he started walking away. “Because the very second you do that, I won't even give her back to you once you change your mind.”

And Syaoran's shoulders sagged. For a moment, he couldn't comprehend whatever Touya told him, until the white handkerchief fell from his right shoulder.

A smile crossed his lips as he picked the white handkerchief, turned to his soon-to-be-brother-in-law, and cupped his mouth to shout the words, “Like I'd be giving her back!”

Touya halted from walking.

He turned to Syaoran with that pained smile.


And he went away from the place where Syaoran told him that he would be asking Sakura's hand for marriage.
Tags: fandom: cardcaptor sakura, pairing: syaosaku
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