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Void: RyoSaku

Title: Void
Fandom | Pairing: Prince of Tennis | RyoSaku, implied!KinSaku
Prompt: Who Are You?
Written For: wallflowerx07


It wasn't supposed to be that way

There she was in front of him, not with the long and braided pigtails but with the short, brunette locks. Her face was molded into that of a lady's, and her deep mahogany eyes still resembled those of a chocolate's. The harmonious sound of her voice was still there, even her pink lips. Everything's almost the same, but there was something in her that told him that it's actually the other way around.

She would look at him like how she casually looked at other people, without the endearment, without the blush on her cheeks, without fiddling her fingers as she talked to him, without the stuttering. Without everything that he used to see. Without everything that he wanted to see.

What's her name? Who was she?

She was Ryuzaki Sakuno.

But now, after he came back from America without even knowing anything about the accident that befell on her, he realized that she wasn't the same Ryuzaki that he used to know.

Not with that kind of straightened posture whenever she walked, and not with that kind of hair that used to be long... that used to be a way for him to greet her. Not with the red-haired manga freak who's she's currently holding hands with.

She is Ryuzaki Sakuno. Not the one he used to know. Not the one that he saw she was before.

He knew he couldn't do anything. He's a foreigner to her eyes whom she used to ask with the question "Do I know you?". And everytime she did, he couldn't hold the unsettling pain inside him.

How could he make her know, when all that he could do at the moment was to watch how her fingers entwined with those of the redhead's?

Maybe things were supposed to go that way.

He turned his back to them with the same nonchalant face. Once he couldn't see them anymore, a different kind of scowl made a home out of his lips.

Ryoma Echizen didn't know anymore who Ryuzaki Sakuno is.

Tags: fandom: prince of tennis, pairing: ryosaku
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