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Feverish: GokuHaru

Title: Feverish
Pairing/Characters: Gokudera Hayato x Miura Haru (5986)
Prompt: Written for 10_orders, Prompt #8: Take off your clothes. | Also written for iu_fanfiction, challenge #27: Do you think I give a damn?
Rating: T
Warnings: Excessive cursing, implied mature content 8D | Note: Written in Gokudera's POV
Summary: Everyone has what we call 'hormonal attacks”, and no matter how he wishes not for it, Gokudera Hayato will never be an exception.


Kh, what the hell is with this conversation, huh. And why the hell am I not with Juudaime?! Why is he in a separate class with that baseball nut?! And why the fuck am I stuck in this nonsensical discussion, anyway?! Aaggh! Now, the only fucking thing that I can do is to just tuck my hand over my palm and stare at the moist window.

It's raining, huh. Troublesome.

Tch, what's that sound?

Oh, that no-good-teacher's writing on the board again. What is it this time?

“Okay, class. Read this aloud.”

As if I will read that. You spelled the word wrongly, stupid teacher. When did “adolescence” lose letter “s” between “e” and “c”? Your spelling is not even worth reading. Kh.


Adolescence, eh? As if it'll be of use in our Vongola family. How annoying.


Hn, and what the hell are we going to talk about that adolescence thing, huh.

“To start off, hn. Gokudera, answer this question.”

What does he need?

“Not standing up, huh. Just answer this: What do you feel when you suddenly see a physically-fully-developed woman?”

Ha? Fully-developed woman, huh?

“Nothing,” I said nonchalantly. As if I can feel anything else from seeing Aneki except for a churning stomach.

“Nothing, you say? Why, don't you feel anything weird? Like, your heart beats faster than normal, or your face feeling a little bit warmer, or...” And the geezer whispered closer to my ear. “Don't you feel any arousa—l mean, excitement at all for the person you like?”

I cringed with one of my eyebrows raised.

WHAT THE FUCK?! What the hell is this old geezer saying?! Is he on the right state of mind, say, 'whispering' when the whole class can hear him?! Is he nuts or what?!

“Like I need to waste my time on that.” And that's it, stupid old man.

“Ooh, I think I know your problem. It's a common problem in young men's adolescence when they get confused with their feelings.”

I wondered. Problem, huh.

And why is this wrinkled-face man smiling like a maniac in front of me, huh?

“You,” he said, “You're gay, aren't you—“

Gay, huh.

I stood up and grabbed him by the collar, staring at his blurry glasses.

“Te-me. Get out of my way and shut the fuck up.”

“O-oi! We have a recitation the day after tomorrow! All about adolescence!”

I took my bag and went at the school gate. His time's almost over, anyway, and Tenth and Yamamoto could have already headed home for almost about 30 minutes ago. I've got to get there as soon as I can! That Yamamoto bastard, being so close with Tenth as if he's the real right hand! Kh!

The rain's still pouring this hard, huh.

Gonna go even if the rain's still this hard.

Kh, Yamamoto, how dare you take advantage just because I'm not around! Have to use this bag over my head instead while I run or else my hair will get messy like that stupid cow's just before reaching Tenth's house!

Nghh, why rain this hard, you stupid gray sky?!

I'm still a few minutes away from Tenth's house. Damn, that baseball nut! I could have went out earlier and didn't listen to that nonsensical and boring class—well every class seems to be boring, though. SUDDENLY ASKING ME IF I'M GAY OR WHAT, is he on drugs? Hah?! And what's with that adolescence thing?!

“H-HAHI-?!! ”

Who cares about it anywa—F-FUCK! W-WHAT THE-?! An umbrella?

“M-my umbrella desu!!! E-EH?! Gokudera-saa-- kyaaa!!!!”

Ack, the stupid woman is about to fly from those stairs! AAAAGH, SHIT! I have to drop my bag with this stupidly decorated umbrella (who needs summer-printed umbrellas during rainy seasons?!) on the floor or else she'll land flat on the ground from those levels!

“Kyaa--!” And she finally stopped squealing for about three full seconds after catching her, thank God. I thought my eardrums are going to explode!




“Hahi!” I felt her jump a little, then, w-why is she clutching on my shirt?! “G-Gokudera-san...”

“O-oi,” I managed to choke out. She's actually trembling, hey. “You okay?”

“H-Haii...” There. She already let go off my shirt. But her hands are shaking. “P-Please put me down.”

And I had her stand on her own gradually while supporting her arm. But then, I heard her gasp as if she's enduring something, and then saw her sit on the wet floor. She touched her right ankle, then she somewhat jolted.

“Anou, Gokudera-san,” She then, swiftly looked at me with a pushed smile on her face. “I think you should keep on going now? I'll just rest for a bit.”

O-oh fuck.

What's up with that face?!

F-fuck. What's with this heartbeat?!

A-and, shit. Am I getting sick with this rain? I'm not having fever, am I?!

There was a moment of silence at that second and nothing else was heard but the splattering rain. As as soon as I got myself recomposed after seeing that kind of face from that woman, I quickly mustered the usual scowl on my face then thought of whatever I should say.

Though I only found myself saying things that I didn't want to come out of my mouth.

“Tch,” I managed to choke out after picking up my bag and her overly-decorated umbrella, then offered her my back. “You twisted your ankle, didn't you?”

“Hahi?” damn, when is she going to stop that expression of hers. “G-Gokudera-san...?”

“Kh!” Why, if she doesn't want to then don't! “No one's forcing you, stupid woman! And who the hell in their right minds are going to sit in the middle of the—“



I took off my black coat then threw it on her face. “Where's your blue coat, woman?!”


“The coat you always wear!”

“I left it at school and I was about to make a ran for it when the rain came—“

“Just put on that black coat, baka onna!”

“Hahi! B-but, Gokudera-san, this is yours—”

“Aaaarrgh! The hell I care!”

S-Someone, throw some sense on this stupid woman, argh! Why is she soaking wet in the rain when she has a fucking umbrella?! And who the hell will leave their coats at school, ha?! Look, she's even buttoning it at the wrong places! Just how stupid is she to button the first to the third and—


AND WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS FUNNY FEELING AGAIN?! Why! I only saw her soaking blouse just like when Aneki had herself soaked under the rain after school back at Italy! Seeing a soaking person—even a girl must be normal! And I've seen my sister like this before... oh well, but she was at grade school there, right? And this stupid woman in front of me is not at grade school. W-what. W-WHY!


Kh! Why won't slapping my forehead throw some sense in me and make my eyes un-glue from her?! HEY, SELF! WAKE UP! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! WAAKE UP!

Oh yes! She's done wearing the coat! Even if the coat fits to her body, it won't be that attracti—ah, shit, I mean, noticeable unlike before with her white blouse.


“WHAT!” I successfully spoke, hey! “Oh... Oh yeah, you're done, I see.”

Then I saw her touch her twisted ankle again.

“Ah, yeah. Let's fetch your coat, stupid woman.”

“Hahi? You called me 'Baka Onna' again!” she, then, looked back at me with a pout and a troubled expression. “Gokudera-san seems to be a little bit kinder today?”

And I raised an eyebrow at her.

“If you don't want to then don't—“

She, then, flashed a smile at me. This time, it's her naturally cheerful smile.

The kind of smile she always had.

“But I like that better, Bakadera!”

I felt a smile drawn on my lips with the same, weird, and funny mixture of feelings again—there's this annoying feverish feeling with this thumping heart beating against my ribcage.

Sure, I have something to answer for the recitation the day after tomorrow.


Tags: [10_orders], challenge entry, fandom: reborn, fic, pairing: gokuharu
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