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14 May 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Who: Valerio "Val" Rosso and Catherine "Eyn" Verleron
Notes: AU. Takes time three years after canon age. (Val: 22, Eyn 20) RP sets from day to day. Also, title means "Kiss Me" in Italian (LOL AFTER HOW MANY WEEKS I FINALLY MANAGED TO EDIT THE TITLE HAHA). Title got from a random conversation XD
Another note from Eyn's owner: Don't worry, Ariel. This is AU. :)) //Just in case Miles can see this XD// On the side note, I'M SORRY, EYN. I've been pairing you with other people lately. I EVEN THOUGHT OF YOU HAVING AN INTERACTION WITH KOJIBITCH. What's wrong with me. X,D

Val is Al's (mizumi888) character. Both Val and Eyn are from Imagination: Unleashed's event, Warm Snow.
Current Music: Trust Me by Yuuya Matsushita