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04 July 2010 @ 12:25 am
Title: Feverish
Pairing/Characters: Gokudera Hayato x Miura Haru (5986)
Prompt: Written for 10_orders, Prompt #8: Take off your clothes. | Also written for iu_fanfiction, challenge #27: Do you think I give a damn?
Rating: T
Warnings: Excessive cursing, implied mature content 8D | Note: Written in Gokudera's POV
Summary: Everyone has what we call 'hormonal attacks”, and no matter how he wishes not for it, Gokudera Hayato will never be an exception.


Kh! Why won't slapping my forehead throw some sense in 'me' and make my eyes un-glue from her?! HEY, SELF! WAKE UP!Collapse )
Current Music: Familia by D-51