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She Asked, That's Why: 5986

Title: She Asked, That's Why
Summary: Gokudera didn't care at all even if he kept on trailing behind her. (GokuHaru or 5986)
Rating: K+, Mild cursing desu!
Notes: Written for iu_fanfiction #26 | If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar.


That's it.

Miura Haru can't stand this guy anymore.

“Argh!” she growled, her shoulders shaking while balling her fists at her sides. “I really really really reaaaally hate you, Bakadera!”

“Ack!” Gokudera raised an eyebrow, then shouted back at her. “AS IF I CARE, BAKA ONNA! Kh, shouting in front of our school's gate like this! What the hell are you, a storm?!”

With that, Haru turned her back at him, crossing her arms against her chest. “If ever someone bullies me, then I won't approach you! Ever!”

And she walked away, mumbling the words 'I should have asked Tsuna-san or Yamamoto-san, but they're not here! But it could have bothered them, so no! Aaah, I'm going home! Stupid Gokudera! He doesn't even know how to treat a woman maaanrily!'.

“She said she's being bullied, huh?” Gokudera mumbled angrily under his breath. “What the, as if someone will bully a stupid woman like her! Who will care about that nosy woman, anyway?! And who the heck will a person in her right consciousness will suddenly barge in and piss the hell out of two perverted guys bullying a girl?! Fuck that! Like I care about that stupid woman, asking me all when the others are unavailable but me! Why me, she didn't even care if she might bother me! Even if she asked, I won't help her! That's her mess! Her mess, really! Her own mess!” He continually protested.

Yet, he found himself trailing behind her with his hands delved into his pockets.


“Hey, that's her,” a guy with khaki pants mumbled to another man who's currently reading a porn magazine. “Should we call them now?”

“Haha,” the reader chuckled while raising his head from the magazine. “Yes, get that nosy woman out.”


“Ha-hi,” Haru squinted when she saw the guy from the other day approaching her. She immediately turned around to take another path, yet found the second guy from yesterday.

She kept on taking different paths in hope that she'll have the two guys lost, until she found herself lost in an alley.

Haru couldn't take it—she trembled when she heard different footsteps nearing.

What is that stupid woman doing?! Walking around like that then stopping at this freaking narrow alley... Gokudera annoyingly thought when he saw her enter the dark alley, while he stood by the shop just a few steps away from it.

“This is easy,” the guy with khaki pants sneered as he entered the alley with the other guy following him

“Yeah,” he chuckled and dropped his magazine almost just in front of Gokudera. After he completely entered the alley, about five or six more guys also came into the alley.

Gokudera picked up the magazine after they entered the alley.

W-what's this? Then, he picked up the material.

'Gokudera-san, please! Help that girl out! They are a bunch of perverts, you know? Aah! And they even threatened to bully me next! H-Help me desu, Gokudera-saaaaan!

“F-Fuck!” he suddenly dropped the magazine when he remembered Haru's request a while ago, then gritted his teeth as he peeked into the alley.

“You ruined my chance, you know!” one of them shouted at her while all of them inched closer to her.

Haru brought her arms closer to her chest in fear, “B-but what you did is bad! S-So—“

“THE FUCK I CARE!” another (who could be the boss of the group) yelled. “I could have had her yesterday! But you intervened. So--” and among all of the guys, he went straight to Haru then cupped her shoulders and brought her against the wall.

“Yamete kudasai,” her knees trembled as well as her whole body. “P-pleaase--”


“S-Shimatta!” Gokudera spitted out while watching how the boss shout at her. He gritted his teeth and cursed. “Kh! What a hassle!”

“Since you were the one who ruined everything, I might as well do it to you, then.” He said while raising his hand, his eyes gleaming like a maniac's, his hand drawing nearer to her face.

Haru firmly shut her eyes while tears raced down her cheeks.

T-Tsuna-san... Yamamoto-san...

“Oi, te-me,”

“W-what the-?!” the boss turned to his right, his hand being stopped with another. “Who the hell are you?!”

Haru's eyes shot open, and saw a man with white hair in front of her. “B-Bakadera...?”

“Kh,” Gokudera gritted his teeth, then shouted. “Don't call me like that, you stupid woman!”

With that, he punched the boss as hard as he can, and the ruckus started

“I don't understand why you have to save that nosy woman!” The khaki guy shouted out while trying to attack Gokudera.

“I don't know either!” Gokudera scowled, holding onto that man's arm then punching his face. “Maybe it's just because she asked!” then he kicked a man behind him.

Haru just stood there, too stunned to say anything.

“Oi, stupid woman!” He yelled once more. Haru almost jumped, seeing the violence around her. “Get out of here and call the cops! NOW--!” then, he got punched.

Haru just nodded without any of her 'ha-hi's', and went out to call the cops.

Too scared, huh. Gokudera scowled once more, then continued with his business.


After about ten minutes, there were about seven unmoving bodies inside a police car's stretcher.

“Please wait here for a moment. Namimori's medical team will come to pick you up.” a cop said after assisting the almost paralyzed Gokudera to the frame of the alley. He went into the police car and went away with the others.

“Kh,” Gokudera frowned at the concrete floor while trying to endure his injuries.

There, from his spot, he noticed droplets dropping on the floor.

It's raining, huh... he thought, but then, saw a pair of black shoes in front of him.

“B-baka... Gokudera...”

“Hn,” he smirked, then looked up. “Don't call me like that, stupid woma--”

“I hate you,” Haru told him while tears gushed from her eyes. “I... I really hate you! W-what are you, a storm? J-Just... just barging in like that then... then getting into that situation... then...”

Then Haru's knees buckled, sitting in front of him while rubbing her eyes like a baby. “You really are stupid, Bakadera!”

It's her tears, huh... A tinge of guilt struck him. “I told you not to call me that.” he told her, his voice lowered.

“Haru could have handled the situation herself so that Bakadera won't... so that Bakadera won't get hurt! Haru could have just ran away without Bakadera's help! Bakadera is so stupid... G-Getting himself hurt like this because of Haru--”

“That's it, then.” Gokudera mumbled, then placed a shaking hand over her head. He could still feel her fear. She's still trembling, he could tell.

Haru sharply raised her head when she felt something warm on her head. “Ha-hi?”

And their eyesights locked together.

With that, he quickly took off his hand away from her hand and turned his head to the right, tearing his gaze away from her. “I'll call you Bakaonna because you're stupid like that.”

His face felt warm.

“B-Baka...” Haru mumbled, then flashed a smile after wiping away her tears. “Haru has a name and it's Haru!”

He still didn't look at her. “Then I have a name! And that's Gokudera, Bakaonna!”



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