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Thirty-First Minute: ColoLal

Title: Thirty-First Minute
Summary: Taken aback from his sudden actions, she felt the same feeling she had in her house when the clock struck its thirty-first minute—her feet were like rooted on the ground. (Colonello x Lal Mirch)
Rating: K+, mild cursing
Notes: Written for iu_fanfiction #26 | Why did you call me when you're dead?


“I'll be on my first mission tomorrow, hey.”

Maybe she was just too stressed to have these six words continually resound in her ears even if she's already home. Maybe she only needed to sit down on her soft sofa and relax, and stop thinking of his first independent mission. Maybe she just have to close her eyes and have a good sleep for the night after changing from her military uniform to her sleeping attire.

“So don't worry too much, okay? And of course, don't cry, hey! Are you even listening, Lal?”


But, out of these three maybes, the only thing that she was able to do was to sit down on her sofa with her elbow tucked at the armrest, her right hand rubbing her right temple.

He even told her that she wasn't even listening?! What the-?

“Damn it,” she cursed under her breath.

She took off her military cap and placed it at the end-table beside her as she heaved out a deep sigh. What is she doing? What's happening to her? Why is she being like this?

She gritted her teeth.

Why the hell did he even accept that independent mission, that stupid Colonello?!

Just thinking about it made her cheeks glow red and she could feel the thrumming of her heart against her ribcage. She groaned, then slouched on the couch, as a pile of questions continued to swarm her head.

S-such nonsense... She thought, yet her hand delved into her pocket to get her cellular phone. Why did I even had this phone out? I-I'm not even waiting for a message or a call! He's my student so—

And she glared at the little gadget, feeling guilty for whatever she was thinking about.

Yes, she's worried. But she needs to trust him. Trust him with everything, even though this is his first independent mission.

Trust him with all of the knowledge she bestowed upon him.

Trust him even if he's alone, without every trace of her beside him.

She's not with him.

Her forehead automatically fell on her left hand as if it was a sign of defeat. This time, her mind failed to control her, yet her feelings dominated her totality. Though her questions and emotions continued to loom over her, she was quite contented that she's alone.

But she's not contented that he's alone in that situation.

“Kh, kudaranai.”

She had her head rested upon the cushion, with her arms out wide at her sides; her hand still had the phone on it. She closed her eyes without even changing to her sleeping clothes in an attempt to shake off the building tension with a sleep.

Completely messed-up as she was, she finally fell asleep after hours of continuously peeking at her phone.
There were no messages nor calls during the whole thirty-minutes of her slumber.

Except for one, at the thirty-first minute when she woke up from the first beep that came from her phone.

Though her eyes were still blurry from sleep, she looked at her phone screen with widening eyes as she pressed a button from her phone.

And it beeped again.

From: Colonello (2)

A tint of hope lit up her messed-up features when she knew that there were voice messages from Colonello's phone. Firstly, she maximized the volume of her phone, highlighted the most recent message and then pressed the 'Play' button.

Colonello might be successful.

No, he should be.

And she's going to hear his voice.


But it wasn't him.

'Lal-dono, Colonello-dono is in a critical condition and--'


'A-ah, we're already at Vongola's medical unit and he is being treated at the mome--'

But she had the report turned off.

What the fuck happened to him?! Why is he in a 'hospital'?! J-Just what the fuck--

And with her fingers almost groping the keys, she played the firstly sent message.


It's his voice.

His voice is shaking.

It's trembling.

She could feel her tears dwelling at the corners of her crimson eyes.

...i-it's a success... so...

She wanted to make a run for it, but her feet were rooted on the ground.

...Don't cry, hey.

There, she couldn't hold it but release her hold from the phone to wipe away the tears that kept on streaming to her cheeks.

She had her military cap on her head as fast as she could, and finally ran for it.

Lal Mirch even forgot to pick her phone up.

“B-baka Colonello!” she cried out between her sobs and went to the Vongola Medical Team's HQ.


After about two weeks, Colonello was able to regain his consciousness.

And as soon as Lal knew that he was already awake, she went to his room, carrying the heavy burden of anxiety in her chest, restraining the new set of tears that were about to escape from her eyes.

When the door opened, the first thing that she received from him was an apologetic smile.


“Don't worry, you say?!” Lal immediately barked at him after slapping his almost bandaged cheek. “And you even thought I wasn't even listening?! Ha?! DON'T SCREW WITH ME!”

Colonello held his scorching—yes, scorching cheek, then looked back at her.



“I thought I told you not to cry, Lal?” Colonello told her while reaching for her cheeks. “Pfft, it seems like you didn't really listen to me at all.”

There, he wept the tears away from her cheeks and eyes with the both of his thumbs. “It seems like you didn't even have proper sleep at all, hey!”

Taken aback from his sudden actions, Lal felt the same feeling she had in her house when the clock struck its thirty-first minute—her feet were like rooted on the ground.

She couldn't even take a step away from him.

“I-I,” she sobbed like a child. “I listened, you bastard!”

She couldn't even use her own arms and hands to wipe away her own tears.

“Pfft,” was his muffled laughter. “Don't be such a crybaby, hey.”



Tags: challenge entry, fandom: reborn, fic, pairing: colonello x lal
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