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Fast Learner: JunAki

Prompt: nymphomania
Fandom | Pairing: Post!Crossroads | JunAki
Rating: T
Notes: Junpei belongs to quadrantal

They have kissed before, but tonight is nothing like the other minutes, days, and nights that passed by with simple, tight embraces, or a smack on their lips, or rare pecks on their necks.

He locks his arms around her shoulders, and hers are snaked around his waist. Both of their hands are shaking. Their chins are angled to the right degrees, eyes firmly closed, and lips zipped together, their erratic breathing escaping awkwardly through their noses, or through the suppressed moans.

Her back touches the warm wall, and she does not pay another glance at the empty pavement. They do not look anywhere else, and he unzips his mouth from hers, and he shifts his angle, tilting his head to the right, a hand now pressed on her nape, urging her deeper to a kiss he has never done to her before. Or to anyone else.

He lashes his tongue on her pursed lips, and she holds on his shirt, the tips of her fingers raking the fabric. She allows him to invade the little space left of her privacy by opening her lips a little, her eyebrows knitting together as his tongue goes inside and the foreign physical contact washes over her. It warms her system as if it's enough to melt her knees, but with the way how they are pressed together she knows there won't be a chance for her to slip away (and she does not even wish to slip away; this is where she wants to be, the same place where she knows he also wants to be). If only it is possible to call his name, she could have already done so.

If only it is possible to call her name, he could have done it, too. But his heart thrums wildly in his chest, and he knows that she has permitted him to take some more, but he is not the kind who will take everything in one go—he used to be that kind of man, but it is entirely different now. It feels like a fantasy to kiss her, like he is able to gather a clump of cloud and make a pillow out of it. But a cloud is a gaseous formation of a water vapor and it is impossible to hold it (and jump on it like a trampoline, like how he always thought how it was when he was little), and here she is, solid in form (yet like melted chocolate on his mouth), embracing him, feeling him, kissing him—and her presence - her touch - is more than reality and fantasy combined.

His fingers entwine with a few locks of her hair, and he moves his mouth deeper with hers, all the while gently tilting her head to the right angle. She is new to this, he reminds himself, and she has to get used to it, because he might not be able to hold back the next time. But he will, if that's what she wanted. Or maybe not. He can't even think straight now, heck, and he moves his tongue and nudges hers to the left, and she lets out a slight wince, and her hold on his shirt jerks slightly.

He pauses, and for a second they do not move.

He pulls back for a few inches, hands still around her arms, and looks at her.

She takes in some breath for a while, and she's obviously abashed with his bold actions.

She purses her lips together while she stares at his chest, and it takes her another three seconds to look at him, just in time before he almost unwinds his arms from her.

Her cheeks are flushed deep red, and her caramel eyes gaze in his, anticipating for something.

He rewards her with a baffled look.

To get her message across, she unwraps her arms from his waist and winds them around his shoulders, her hands entwined by his nape.

He is taken aback by her recent actions, but he quickly regains his composure with a half-embarrassed smirk, an arm snaking around her waist, a hand on her nape.

He leans down to kiss her again. He pushes her up, a hand almost to not guiding her nape. She, indeed, is a fast learner, and he will make sure to commend her for it if his unusual shyness does not get ahead of him. Because of this, he clasps his hands around her waist, pulling her forward to his body. They can feel each other's curves from the little to none proximity.

He slides his tongue in her mouth for the second time, greeted by her own shy organ that tried its best to do his bidding. There is no battle for dominance, and it is easy to see that what she needs now is not a guiding hand but a guiding - well - him, and his experienced tongue. They break apart for a few seconds to give mutual smacks, with him occasionally nibbling at her lower lip, and her, unconsciously running a finger at about an inch on the spine at the small of his back. The trails of her finger excites him, and the nibbling became another episode of craving, and he whispers, "Akira" before he plunges his mouth to hers again, and she receives him gladly with slow, deep kisses that broke after a few seconds their tongues are tied and lips are locked together. Their moans bubble inside their throats as they push themselves closer against the wall, instantly making it easier to share the literally breathtaking deed together.

And it surprises him when she breaks apart to gasp for air, and she tips her toes. She cuddles to his chest and plants a kiss on the right side of the crook of his neck and gently grazes her teeth on his skin.

He lets out a groan. She's too good at this. She's upgrading everything like the way how she always did when leveling up their video game characters.

She's too good at this.

He begins to question his self-control, and his hands shake behind her. He realizes that his hands want to go to places they are still restricted to wander to, and he suppresses these wants (and he convinces himself that it's still not a need - not now, not at this place) by tightening their grip, urging her closer when there's no virtual space in between. He retracts his grip by pulling his torso about a few inches away from her just in time her nibbling business is done, and he dips his head to the crook of her neck, too, and kisses the smooth skin gently.

"Akira..." he calls out again.

Another kiss, and his head dips down a bit lower.

"Akira..." he leaves a kiss on her clavicle before he stands upright, staring at her.

His left hand stays at the small of her back, the fingers of his right hand tipping her chin towards him.

He flashes a smile, and she shyly does, too.

They both lean forward and share another kiss, starting gently before reaching the peak, then recedes to a few kisses on their necks as they cuddle, to the intoxicating smacks on each others lips, then to the warm, tight embraces that sculpt their bodies perfectly together.

They hold each other's hands and go home without saying a word, the tamed euphoria still beating wildly in their chests, the new, intimate memories replaying in their minds.
Tags: drabble, fandom: crossroads, pairing: junaki
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