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The Hitting Games

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January 4 2014, 06:30:11 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 4 2014, 06:32:45 UTC

Prompt: Can we just both pretend to sleep
Fandom | Pairing: Post-Crossroads | JunpeiAkira
"Junpei-san, aren't we going yet--"

As soon as Akira opens the lights in his office, she sees his broad back hunched over his desk, the side of his head pressed against his crossed forearms. His cubicle is audibly empty, except for the sound of his soft snores.

Akira walks over to him, feeling a bit guilty for staying too late in the university. If only she was able to move quickly then Junpei wouldn't have to wait two hours after his normal out hours.

She sits on her calves and watches his serene sleeping face.

A smile graces on her lips - he looked younger, she remarks, and she also takes mental note of how peaceful he seemed, contrary to his usual boisterous and proud self. His eyelashes are short, too, and she puts out her index finger. If she only hovers it over his eyelids then he won't be disturbed, right? So, she does just that while trying to suppress the giggle that tries to break out of her throat. She wonders how he does not feel anything, and she thinks it's probably he's too tired.

She half-expects him to open his eyes any time soon, but he doesn't. That's why, she stands up and finds herself a chair, sits down, and waits for him to wake up.

Until she herself falls asleep.

Thirty minutes later and he wakes up, seeing his friend sleeping a bit uncomfortably on the chair. He awkwardly taps her shoulder, but she does not rise. He stares at her for a while, sighs at her, scratches his head, leans down, then taps her shoulder again, and she wakes up.

The two of them go home.


"Junpei, aren't we going yet--"

As soon as Akira opens the lights in his office, she is greeted by his sleeping form. It feels like deja vu, only that it is not, because she is aware of the differences from those years ago to their present. Their closeness as friends seems to have grown close in proximity, that waiting for each other after a long day of work is nothing but normal.

She sits on her calves and takes amusement, again, on his serene face. She has never been caught from this secret hobby of hers, and she silently takes pride in it. This time, she makes fun of his semi-curly hair, and she slowly twirls the top of his hair around her index finger, making swirls and mini-whirlpools of--

"Hey," He rasps out, and she freezes, while his eyes slowly crack open. He raises his eyebrows and looks at her through groggy eyes, his cheeks flushed pink. Akira thinks it must have been because of hours of sleep, and his forearms must be feeling numb again.

She retracts her hands and smiles sheepishly at him, and they both set out home. She inwardly scolds herself for being so careless, and she wonders how or when can she do that again.

In front of her dorm, Akira turns towards him and says, "Sorry for--"

He leans down and plants a kiss at the space between her eyes, then scratches his head, stares from her then to his shoes, taps her shoulders, and sighs. He, then, stifles a yawn, and waves goodbye.

Akira stares after his retreating image for a while before she herself retreats back inside her dorm.

She asks herself if it is deja vu.


January 28 2014, 19:26:15 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 28 2014, 19:28:02 UTC

Title: Fast Learner
Prompt: nymphomania
Pairing: JunAki
Rating: T

(in the heat of summer sunshine)
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Eren x Jean (because aww oww angry boyfriends)


Jean leapt leftward to a wide, graceful arc as the leaves from the trees by his right side rustled to life.

You’re dead! He smirked while he maneuvered to the blind spot of the fake, wooden Titan, and with a powerful swoosh from his arms to his blades, he made a deep cut on the pseudo-Titan’s nape.

"Heh," He landed on a tree and quickly propelled forward, ready for his next kill. His eyes shot from left to right, his ears picking up any noise that could be a possible signal for an upcoming enemy. I’m going to beat them all up, he determinedly thought, his bloodshot eyes scanning the perimeter. And not leave that suicidal asshole a single Titan to kill!

Another rustle. This time, it came from his left—ah, no, right? His eyebrows knitted together, when he perceived that something must be coming from his 2:00. One of these must be the fake Titan, and another or two as his squadmates. Nonetheless, he must quickly take this Titan down, so as to cross the possibility of Eren being one of the prospected squadmates. Jean wasn’t going to make it easy to catch up to him, even for a digit.

The rustling came louder from his right. Jean glanced at what he supposed was a large shadow, and he geared to an arc towards his left. He readied his swords in the air, only to hear the rustling sound from his left even louder than the one at the right. Jean looked from behind his shoulder. His instincts were wrong. There was barely any time for him to re-maneuver, and the board would definitely hit him in no time—

A strong force knocked the air out of him from his right, where he thought the large shadow was - or were there two pseudo-Titans?! - and he heard the whistling of the air as his body was swung over. His eyes cracked open as soon as he heard the grapple hooks piercing the trees, and he looked behind him. The pseudo-Titan went down, but how, he wasn’t able to strike it, so someone else should have - and there, he realized he was looking from another person’s shoulder. So he was kind of brought away from his near-to-failure experience, huh? He breathed in, then out, only the air was plugged and got stuck in his chest as soon as he saw the most revolting shade of dark-brown he had ever seen.

He would even have preferred the shade of brown tree barks.

"What a damsel in distress, you are." Eren snickered as he continued to maneuver through the trees, Jean supported by his arms. "Best in 3D Maneuver Gear? Like someone will believe that crap."

Jean gritted his teeth. “Get on a tree and put me down, Eren.”

"Now?" He smirked, and for a moment he seriously considered the idea and drop him from seventy to eighty meters from atop the tree. Glancing at Jean’s intensely bemused expression was more than enough for Eren to make a little detour and stop by a huge bark. He bore—etched—that annoyed face in his memory. "Yeah, here you go, Princess of the Gears, Kirschtein."

As soon as he set Jean down, Eren regained composure, looked down at Jean, and said, “The one who struck that one on your left was Mikasa.”

Jean stared at Eren with a mixture of disgust and happiness, as the thought of Mikasa being her usual, genius self flashed momentarily in his mind. Oh well, such an imagination was better than remembering a Jeager carrying you around the forest, skipping from tree to tree.

"And the one from northeast?"

"Not sure." Eren looked forward. "I saw Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marco on my way here, though." He bent his legs forward, ready to lunge back at the walls of trees. Before making his great leap, he looked at Jean beyond his shoulder, and flashed a smug smirk. "By the way, I’ve already had five kills."

And Eren left him.

Jean gritted his teeth, and almost punched the tree.

Damn, that one could’ve been my sixth.

Jean recomposed himself, prepared to leap, and he yelled at Eren’s retreating form, “Just you wait, Eren!”

And he leapt forward, back to the insides of the thick forests, the crossed blades on the insignia of Eren’s jacket signalling Jean to move forward and follow Eren’s path.
Prompt: Can we just both pretend to sleep
Fandom | Pairing: Shingeki no Kyojin | Jearmin


The members of the special operations squad huddled before the hearth. Three hours have passed since the last operation transpired, and everyone was equally exhausted, and fell easily asleep.

Except for Jean.

He was staring at the mop of blond in front of him, its owner leaning against their ‘suicidal asshole’ classmate’s shoulder. Jean’s eyes were nailed at him, from the dirty brown cover that hugged his body that heaved every time his agape lips breathed in the warm air. The orange light cast by the fire emphasized the shadows across his forehead to the bags under his eyes, throwing off an image of a young, slender man who might have been bearing something that was more appropriate for a stressed grownup.

A lump formed in Jean’s throat as his eyes trailed further, dragging his vision to Armin’s sleeping figure.

He soundlessly ground his teeth together, as the memories of the latest mission dawned on him.

Back then, he only thought of his own safety while his partner was being harassed by a thug.

Jean knew that Armin was an incredibly smart soldier, but he wasn’t the one to exceed physical strength. At first glance, one might even say that the blond was too weak for battle, just like how Jean initially thought of him until the attack of the female titan. For him, Armin bordered between the definitions of weak and strong, but without any weapon with him (and with his wrists bound by a rope), Armin was powerless, he even almost cried. And yet, he thought for his own.

He closed his eyes and balled his hands as the guilt wormed inside him. It was a part of the mission, but still…

I’m the weak one here. He inwardly told himself and sighed in self-disappointment.

Jean looked across him again.

(It was only Armin’s breathing that he could hear.)

Dragging his tired eyes back to the hearth, Jean crossed his arms against his chest, eyelids fluttering close, lips pursed to a thin line, letting the heavy feelings reside and turmoil within him.

Jean knew he was selfish, but he resigned to the sound of Armin’s breathing, and knowing that they were still both alive was enough for now.
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