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The Hitting Games

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January 1 2014, 15:32:29 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 1 2014, 15:32:43 UTC

"a world without you is not a world worth living in"


January 1 2014, 15:33:19 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 1 2014, 15:33:37 UTC

Prompt: My heart stops when you look at me, just one touch, oh baby I believe
Prompt: A World Without You is Not A World Living In
Fandom: Post-Crossroads
Pairing: Namikawa Junpei x Saito Akira
Note: Part I

December 2019

"You're what?"

Junpei stops in his tracks, the bicycle he tugs alongside with him also halting.

"I'm going to UK."

He looks from one lamp to another, trying to understand what Akira has just said. He scans the surroundings and it is only then when he realizes that they are already in front of the park, a few minutes away from her dormitory.

"I don't—I mean, why? You're going strong here, aren't you?" He asks her with mock-gusto and grins, when deep inside he's already tugging his wits out. He wishes for his disappointment to go unnoticed as his broad shoulders slump inside his thick jacket. "Is there a great need for you to leave?"

He averts his gaze from her as soon as he recognizes the warmth creeping from his neck to cheeks, but when he does not receive an immediate answer, he looks at her again, the grin finally receding to a scowl.

Akira stares back at him, eyebrows scrunched up.

"What do you mean?" She asks him plainly, clouds of breath forming as she spoke. "It's just UK."

"Yeah." Junpei shrugs and his lips are pursed to a thin line. A cold wind passes by, blowing his curly fringes further to his attentive eyes. "Like that city next to us. Near, isn't it?"

Akira chuckles disbelievingly at his remark. "Last time I checked, we've got Kawaguchi, and United Kingdom is still miles away."

He brings a hand to his nape and he scratches at his hair frustratedly. Should he say it now? He weights the amount of time they've already been together, and as far as he remembers, it has been a great deal of time. It did not pass without a few arguments, though, and the largest argument they had (as much as he could remember at the moment; he must have forgotten some) is about a pencil.

"Look, Akira-san."


"Okay, Akira." He smiles at her quick response—it has only been a few months since she outwardly told him to call her without the honorifics, and for him it's already a great deal. As far as he could remember (again) she called most of her friends by their first names immediately during her high school days (and some of her college days), but for some reason he noticed in her stories that as time passed by, so does her habit of adding the honorifics. He revels in his memories of her calling him 'Namikawa-san' to its shift to calling him as "Junpei-san" to just "Junpei" simply for the fun of it. And his reason adds up to the building feelings inside his chest as each day passes by. He intends to tell her, though, and it's amazing how come he can become so nervous when it comes to her when in the past he easily moved his way to a few ladies. She's just different. Too different. And now she's going when he hasn't mentioned a word of wanting her by his side every day—

"Junpei?" She tilts her head to see him better from the dim light from a nearby lamp.

Okay. He gulps. Maybe this is it.

"Akira, you know... United Kingdom is a lot of miles away. It's the other end of the world."

"I... know. I've learned that from elementary," she laughs at him, and he takes her wonderful expression in. "Thank you for the not so new information."

"And, you see, if we compute the time, our..." he shifts his gaze from left to right. "...timezones are just so entirely different. While I work, you might still be asleep. And when I'm asleep, maybe that's the time when you work."

The mirth in Akira's face is replaced by a suspicious expression.

"You see... it's a... way too far place." He grunts and puts his hands in front of him, as he continues to explain in an obvious state of frustration. "If..." he pinches the bridge of his nose... should he tell her? "...if you—AH, if you forget your bottles of milk for breakfast, who'll bring them for you? No one's gonna wake up that early just to give you milk."

"M-Milk?" Her lips contour to a smile.

"What I'm saying is, I'll be too far. You'll be too far." He gives up, and his shoulders sag. "And that's a very huge difference."

The two of them stay silent, and the lack of response in Akira's part sets his insides to flames.


January 1 2014, 16:22:34 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 1 2014, 16:30:47 UTC

(Pt II)

He's going to say it. Is it the right time? Yes. He doesn't know. Maybe, maybe not but—

"And I don't like—I dislike the feeling of waking up early for nothing."

Another wave of silence passes by, and from a distance at the sky above, they hear the revving of an airplane.

Junpei groans, and he lets out a sigh.

"I give up. I don't know how to let on with you too fa—"

She breaks his line with a snort.

"Junpei..." She holds on to her stomach. "I'm just visiting Kaguya for a week!" She gives in to roars of laughter, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. "W-What are you—what are you so sweaty for—I—" And her laughter echoes in the empty streets.

One week.

"Oh," It finally dawns on him. "Oh, I see." He takes a step forward, leaving the bike without its balance support clattering on the pavement. He cups both of her cheeks and he stares deep to her eyes, while she stares back, still in her fits of laughter.

Should he do it? She just... trampled on his man pride.

"Hey, hey..." she tries to stop herself, but to no avail. "I can pull out a mirror now and show you what kind of a terrible daddy face you're pulling out!"

"Daddy..." it pops a nerve. "Huh..."

He pinches both of her cheeks until he is satisfied, then he withdraws his hands. "Daddy, you say," he mutters under his breath. "One week... without you. One week without having someone call you daddy almost every day." He bends down to gather his bicycle.

Akira is in the middle of wincing and laughing as she tends to her cheeks. "Well, daddy," she adds a slur to her tone. "Won't you miss me?"

Junpei halts midway, and tries to consider if he should answer her question.

He pulls his bike up, puts it on-support, then faces Akira.

"If I say I will, will it be too bad?"

Akira stops from laughing as her shoulders hitch, and she looks at the direction to her dormitory.

She doesn't look at him when she says, "No." She begins to walk. "I'll be back soon, so you'll have a recipient for your milk delivery again."

Akira turns to Junpei with a scowl.

"I'm almost at the curfew. Aren't we going yet?"

Junpei looks at her with wide eyes, then to his bike, to her, then to his shoes.

"Ah, yes." He scratches the back of his neck again. "Let's go."

And in a few minutes, they bask in another set of banter, before she enters the gate to her dormitory and bids him good night.

As for Junpei, it's a dangerously close call, but he does not mind it at all—for him, it seems like he somehow got his message across.
Prompt: Reasons why pizza is like sex (unfoldedwings.tumblr.com/post/71858637642#notes)oops


January 2 2014, 06:51:36 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 2 2014, 14:08:29 UTC

Prompt My heart stops when you look at me, just one touch, oh baby I believe

come take a look through my telescope
[Crossroads, Post-The Way Back] They never seem to finish this particular movie. | Midori and Tomoe watch When Harry Met Sally redux
Rated M, view with discretion

"So have you ever?"

delayed gratification
Prompt: Cough Syrup
Prompt: Delayed Gratification
Fandom | Pairing: Tagaini | Hajime x Hinata (because cock y)
Rating: T I know I know....Sssh HAHA

He looks at her from a distance, his head ornaments partly obscuring his vision.

The palace is bustling with singing and dancing as the feast for the gods and goddesses continue through the night. Hajime raises his hands with composure as he reaches for his chopsticks to eat, while his parents, the Emperor and the Empress, bask in political conversations with their advisers. He inwardly grunts as he catches his brother, who is equally uninterested to such a grandiose feast.

He lifts his cup, the dangling elongated wooden pieces from his hairpiece curtaining his sight, and she approaches the Empress with a pot of tea. She refills his mother's cup with practiced elegance, and he silently continues to stare, from her slitted eyes to the upward curve of her pursed lips, to the little skin exposed on her neck, to her hands...

The Empress thanks her, and she goes far to the back, eyes set before her. He notices that brief moment when her vision strays and flickers over him, and he makes sure he stares back at her.

(And he suppresses a snort when she tears her eyes away with that faint blush that tainted her smooth cheeks.)

When the night dips deeper and the noise recedes to the buzzing of the crickets, he goes inside his room and he closes his eyes, but he stops, as soon as the door gently slides open and reveals her in a simple kimono, her hair cascading on her shoulders.

"Hey," he rasps, the slur in his tone still evident, thanks to the numerous cups of wine he took during the feast. "Hinata..."

"I brought your tea as per order of the Empress. She said you drunk too much." Hinata sets the tray on a nearby table, and she goes back to the door, her eyes set on the floor. "I'm sorry for intruding your rest time, Prince Ha—"

She halts when he barricades his arm before the door, and he leans down.

"We're the only ones here. The other rooms are still unoccupied."

Hinata's eyes uneasily shift from left to right. "I am fully aware of that, Prince—"

"You call me Hajime when we're alone."

Hinata looks up at him, her cheeks tainted pink.

"They might arrive soon."

"Then haste we must." Hajime leans down, his breath reeking of alcohol, and he plants his lips on her forehead. Hinata does not make a move, minus for her hands perching on his broad chest, and she whispers his name from her pink lips.



Hajime opens his eyes and scans his surroundings from where he sat—at the door of his room.

He stands up and makes a second round of scanning his room, intent on searching for a tray and a cup of tea.


His forehead lands on his palm as reality strikes that there is no tray nor a cup of tea, and that his dreams have betrayed him for the nth time.

(And he waits for it to bloom to reality, and he wishes for his patience to stay with him.)

Just came to get my things and then I guess I'm leaving
I can be your perfect disaster, you can be my ever after
sometimes the one you want is not the one you need
can we just both pretend to sleep
you and i collide
Prompt: Just Came To Get My Things and then I Guess I'm Leaving
Fandom | Pairing Naruto | MinatoKushina


"And there was--AH! Mikoto, I won't be out for too long, I promise!"

Kushina made a quick turn and ran back towards the academy, with Mikoto's "Take your time!" fading in the background. Sometimes, she got too engrossed in certain conversations with her best friend that she tended to forget a few of her things in her desk back in their classroom--this time, her notebook where they apparently have an assignment to work on.

Stepping inside the school grounds, she immediately found herself suspended in the surreal silence that governed the hallways. Every morning until dismissals, it always bustled with people from different ages, with kids around her age poking fun at her flaring red hair. 'Well, let them look,' she often told herself while she paraded through the corridors with her chin held high. She would become a Hokage someday, and such childish remarks from others would do little harm (and wouldn't even be worthy to be called as hindrances) to her dreams.

She turned around the corner and approached their classroom.

Sliding the door open, she was greeted by the blinding light coming from the windows, its radiance flooding the room with streaks of bright yellow and white. Kushina squinted against the rays of light as she walked upstairs, where her desk was located.

She stopped in front of her desk and leaned down to retrieve her notebook when a flash of blue was caught in her peripheral vision. Instinctively, she grabbed her notebook then took three quick, measured steps backwards, while her gray-violet eyes searched for the perpetrator, until it landed on--

"--y-you?!" She looked at Minato accusingly, and the frantic beating in her heart subsided.

Minato, who was sitting awkwardly against the wall with his arms spread across the windowsill, raised both of his hands and waved. "Hi..." and he flashed an embarrassed smile at Kushina.

The beating of her heart erratically increased while she basked in the sun's brightness, as well as in his seemingly equally radiant smile.

Kushina pulled--yes, pulled herself together and took (brave) heavy, leaden steps downstairs, her long red hair flipping behind her as she turned, bouncing against her back with every step. She could feel his glimmering ocean-blue eyes boring on her back, and she quickly turned to the door.

Before stepping out, she paused in front of the exit and said, "I just came to get my notebook, s'all, you wimp!" And she slammed the door shut behind her, the beams of sunlight (and probably his crazy, bright smile) left inside the room.

Why did she have to explain, anyway? Kushina shook her head frustratedly and ran back to where Mikoto would be waiting, while she pushed the images of his brilliant smile away from her brain; and while on it, she (hopelessly) hoped that her cheeks were far from the color of her flaring bright red hair.


January 3 2014, 16:08:16 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 3 2014, 16:13:15 UTC

Prompt: sometimes the one you want is not the one you need
Fandom | Pairing: Mafiav!OCPool | Junpei x Akira


Akira is never the one who gets picky on missions as well as who's she's working with, but standing beside Junpei outside the prospect's house somehow begins to set her nerves to flames.

She blocks her nose and inhales through her mouth, which she does while turning her back against him (at least, to stay polite).

"Saito-senpai," Junpei puffs smoke from his cigarette, the smug expression on his face not leaving. "You might lose the target, you know."

She disregards her current partner (who, for some reason, has been her partner for six consecutive missions) and says, "Don't worry, I won't."

Junpei leans towards her, his warm breath touching her exposed nape, and he adds, "You sure? Want to leave the job to me?"

In surprise, she inhales through her nose, taking the smoke from the cigarette with it, and she coughs.

"I want you to leave your cigarette on the floor and crush it under the soles of your boots," she tells him, careful not to grit her teeth. Surely, Junpei is a few years older than her, but since she got into the famiglia earlier, he's still bound to follow her orders.

"Ah, that'd be too bad. Can't you at least spare me this time?" He lets out a set of miffled chuckles as he leans back against the wall. "The cigarette is innocent."

Innocent my face. Her shoulders sag, and lets his little rebellion (like the other six times) pass. She silently wishes for Eyn to come for her and replace the tower that is Junpei (and an image of her other senpai, Kojiro, enters her mind while joking about exchanging a tower for a midget), but since she's training Tomoe and the other new recruits, she has no choice but to stick with Junpei for a little more while.

When the spying mission is over, Akira plops on her bed, the smell of mint and ash exuding from her hoodie. She complains under her breath about its unsanitary smell, but then she succumbs to the force that ties her to the bed.


Because of their continuous success rate, they are chosen to work on more missions together, much to her dismay.

Coming home to a cigarette-scented hoodie still revolts her.


Two more successful missions.

She lies on the bed, the same scent now starting to linger on her bedsheets.


One failed mission.

She stays at the hospital and sits beside his bed, and she stares at him intently, from closed eyes to his growing stubble. She offers herself to watch over him while inwardly blaming herself (until Ishtar tells Akira about the dark circles around her eyes, and assures her that Rosette will take watch, and that probable enemies will back down as soon as they see a strand of Rosette's hair).

Akira goes home to her bed, and the mixture of smoke and mint gradually disappears.

She sleeps anyway.


He wakes up.

Akira finally takes watch after two weeks. She tells him stories about the latest missions, which she mostly did individually. He scolds her while trying to sit up, and she looks at him reproachingly, effectively urging him to lie down again.

She goes home and the scent is gone; and she changes her bedsheet.


As soon as he recovers, he is placed in another mission with her (much to the gratitude she herself doesn't recognize yet).

He procures a pack of cigarette from his pocket, but before lighting a piece, he awkwardly spares her a glance, and asks, "May I?"

Akira looks at him for good three seconds before tearing her eyes from him, and she simply tells him, "Life is short; do what you like."

He glances at her, a bit wide eyed, until he recedes to a sigh while he stuffs his pack back in his pocket.

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